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The Roehampton Club - Tennis

This excellent sports club in South West London has further improved by installing LED lighting on 3 tennis courts. Our HiLux Match LED luminaires have superb lighting quality that tennis players will recognise immediately.

The Roehampton Club - Tennis The Roehampton Club - Tennis The Roehampton Club - Tennis

Oundle Tennis Club

We were approached with an inquiry about the most energy efficient lighting solution for two tennis courts for this beautiful tennis club near Peterborough. We didn't hesitate in offering our HiLux Match LED luminaires, giving the best floodlit courts in the area.

Oundle Tennis Club Oundle Tennis Club Oundle Tennis Club

Ridgeway Park

These 6 community use courts in east london were the first to receive LTA funding for LED lighting. They greatly benefit from our HiLux Match LED floodlights, which are energy efficient and low maintenance.

Ridgeway Park Ridgeway Park Ridgeway Park
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